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Deep shipwreck exploration off Miami - round 1

Thanks to the help of FS forum membership, we were able to get out yesterday off Miami with pas to start whittling down the list of targets identified in multi-beam sonar data discussed here:


The first juicy target turned out to be an old composite-built dredge in 250 feet of water. The engine and some machinery has been stripped out and it's been down a long time, with the wood largely eaten away. Possibly a dredge that sunk in the 1926 Miami hurricane or one that was simply stripped and disposed of after its usefulness wore out. The wreck sits on a talcum-powder like bottom, heavily settled in, but there were still tons of lionfish as well as some nice scamp.

The next target turned out to be a ~50' long sportfisher/yacht that we have named "Paul's Wreck." The top portions of the cabin are ripped off and laying next to the hull. There were big commercial lift bags secured to the bow suggesting the vessel was either sinking and an attempted (unsuccessful) salvage job was underway, or it sunk somewhere around Biscayne Bay and was lifted and towed offshore for a private artificial reef. Maybe been down 7-10 years or so. Tons of fish including numerous fat gag and big hogs.

Thanks again to pas for volunteering the use of his sweet ride. Looking forward to round 2 -- who knows what we will find next?



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