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Urban Peacock Redemption 3/12/13

International angler from France, Kevin, came out with me again after a rough day on the 9th. Here is a link to that report:

We hooked up again on the 12th and got some SA-WEET redemption with 20+ peas and a very ecstatic Kevin. With water levels and temps still low, we decided to go with live bait this day. Cold waters and low levels really cause the peas to sit in deeper holes or pockets, where warmer waters are and usually blind casting your favorite spots will produce. The same theory applies with artificial as well but the production rate is variant per angler and the angle of your dangle. But, only one way to find out... Get some lines wet! Here are pics from this day.

We tore it up at the very first spot and decided to leave with several solids peas under our belts. The next spot had some action but super clear waters made it easy for the peas to see us, especially after landing a couple.

We quickly picked up after a few quick snaps and got on the "Urban Run 'n Gun" to the next spot. We sighted many peas there but they were very lethargic and spookish. We didn't spend too much time there. As we rolled up on the last spot of the day, we quickly saw minnows getting crushed on, a great sign for any angler. We didn't waste too much time getting some lines in the water and soon after got a double and back-to-back peacock action.

We ended the trip with some lunch at Monty's in the Grove and enjoyed a victory pitcher of beer.

Only one thing better than bass thumb... and that's bass thumb for another. Good Times & Tight Lines. Miami, FL. Come Down & Get Some!!! S/O to Marine Artist and International Angler, #Carey Chen Art.
"Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT


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