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BibBib Posts: 2,357 Captain
Anyone using their equipment?

I hadn't been to their site in awhile, looks like they divided up things into technical and rec stuff. Last time I was there they just had the wings BC's. I remember a lot of folks were turned off cause they were kinda pricey, or still are.


  • Prop BlastProp Blast Posts: 375 Officer
    I've been thinking about replacing my old Zeagle BCD with a Halcyon BP & Wing. Will do a trial first though. Yes, $700+ for single tank set up is a lot, but everyone I've talked to who uses one (both shop pro's and non-affiliated individuals) loves them.

    Heck, Zeagle want $450 for a new bladder and shell for my Ranger!

    The Halcyon Regulators are just re-badged Scuba Pro's.

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