Going for the trifecta on the LMR

Launched out of Wildcat Park today around 12:30pm. Water temp was 67-69 degrees and the wind was howling. Headed down to the big dock on the southside. Skipped under it with the 4" RT Mullet in smoke/gold halo. Got a strike on the first cast. It was a 14 1/4' rat red caught at 12:38pm. Went to the next dock but no strikes.

Down to the 75 bridge. Worked the pilings on the north side but no luck. Over to the south side. Worked one side and no strikes. Over to the other and threw out the same lure to parallel the pilings. Near the end of the cast and got a nice strike. Set the hook and a good snook broke the surface. Got her away from the pilings and she put up a great fight. Got her in the boat at 1:15pm. She measured 25 1/4". Thought about taking a pic but too much of a hassle with the wind. It was brutal.

Went up river to work a shallow flat. Only ladies there. Over to another small flat. No strikes. Up to point in the river. No luck. Back into another shallow flat. Worked it back and forth. Started throwing the small gold spoon. Was catching some ladies. Finally connected with a targeted species at 3:20pm. It was a small redfish of 16". That was my first ever redfish on a spoon.

No more strikes there and since the water was up, I decided to ride down river to work some northside docks. Worked a few with no success. Came up to my money dock. This one has yielded redfish and tarpon under it. It is a newer dock but is incredibly dark underneath.The shallow part always holds the fish when they are there. Made a good cast way under the dock from the side. A couple of hops and it was fish on. This fish had some weight She wrapped me around the end post and was digging hard. I loosened the drag but she wouldn't come around the other way. The wind blew me into the dock. The fish seemed stuck. It was a see-saw battle. I lifted my rod and the line got caught on the underside of the dock. I finally popped it free and pushed off the dock. Luckily she went towards the middle and I was able to coax her out from under it. I turned on the trolling motor to get us away. She still had some fight left and was digging hard to get away. I was able to slip her in the net at 4pm. She measured 27".

Worked the rest of the docks but no strikes. Over to the south side. Paralleled the bank with the spook for a while but no takers. Went back up river and let the wind blow me down the north side near a grassy bank. No luck with the spook. Went down to work more docks and lost a small snooklet underneath one. Went into Bolster Bayou but it was a wasteland. Back to the bridge but not happening there either. Back up to a small flat and caught a jack on the spook. Worked a few points and the two docks I began with but no luck. By now it was dark so I headed for the ramp. Another tough day but one nice redfish made it worthwhile.
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  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 667 Officer
    Perfect red Dave! You are the river master.
  • dieselbeefdieselbeef Posts: 652 Officer
    ****..i fished upriver from the 64 ramp past the powerlines and got nothing. atificials and live shrimps. hung out on the oyster bars. didnt hit the docks tho..too windy with no troll motor. incoming tide flooding the tops. looiked like the perfect spot..and it was if ya wanted needle fish. have slayed the sheeps in the same spot other days

    wasnt having a good time..fished til bout 1130 and went home to ride quads with my son
    16 ccf wellcraft.....
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,248 Officer
    Thanks lukky. Not the master. Just the apprentice in training.

    Sounds like you fished the Manatee. Trolling motor is a must G.
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  • dieselbeefdieselbeef Posts: 652 Officer
    im lookin for the right deal man..gonna end up with a watersnake i guess

    got a deal on an ipilot for 500..12v 55lb 54 shaft..but idk..new or used
    16 ccf wellcraft.....
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,010 Moderator
    Great report as usual.
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,248 Officer
    Do not get a watersnake. I had a buddy get one and it was garbage. Either a Minn Kota or a Motor Guide. Get new with the warranty. Get a hand control for the front of the boat. You will be happy.

    Thanks R-L.
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  • Regular_guy0215Regular_guy0215 Posts: 119 Officer
    Great lookin red!!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]24ft custom re-built Tcraft. Runs shallow as hell and rides smooooth.

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