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Accessory aluminum drain plug for YETI cooler- with built-in vacuum relief valve

I have had several interests on these plugs so I decided to open a topic for them

These plugs are CNC machined out of aluminum, they have an o-ring seal and come with a rubber gasket. the spring is stainless steel so they will hold up to the rugged outdoors as well as salt-water

The problem with most Yeti coolers is that in the warmer months the coolers start to vacuum seal so tight they have to be opened with a pry-bar. some people open the drain plug to release the vacuum but after you open the plug and the lid comes up, you loose ice water.

these plugs have a vacuum release valve that allows the air to go inside the cooler but once the vacuum is released water does not come out.
These plugs are patent pending
I have sold several hundred of these and have more on order, the cost is $29.99 and includes free shipping. I have been using PayPal.
PM me if anyone is interested in purchasing the drain plug. also, you can see them on Ebay and read the Feedback to see how other people like them.


Also, I have had some people testing these on Engel Coolers as well.



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