Cold Front Peacock Action 3/7/13

Hooked up with a father & son team from Jersey today. It was pretty cold in the am but the winds laid down a bit with clear blue skies all day. The waters are low again and the bite was very slow but picked up after lunch. We caught many lmbass, nothing crazy... a bunch of peas and a spotted tilapia to complete a lil' freshwater slam. Always a pleasure to put people on a new species and cross it off their "bucket list". We started off the day with a very nice lmbass in the am. Great way to start the day!

We loaded up on choice breams and stripped tilapias and with a small arsenal of artis, we headed out all over Miami today. Here is how the rest of the day went...

High 5 action shot!!!

Just after lunch, we got this spotted tilapia to complete a lil freshwater slam.

Miami, FL. Come Down & Get Some!
"Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT


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