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The weather man was calling for low winds, but cloudy skies, so my buddy Ramiro and I made the two hour trek down to Everglades National Park. Only to be greeted by strong 20mph winds, so we headed for cover in disgust by the once again wrong forecast. We worked a protected shoreline for quite a bit. I managed to get an eat from a nice 10lb jack, but didn't get the hook to stick. Then managed to get a dink rat red minutes later. After exhausting all of our options for sheltered areas, we were forced to just head for open flats, and use the wind to aid us in the direction it was blowing. We missed some eats on a few scattered tailing reds, and at about noon, decided to make one last stop before calling it a day. Shortly after arriving at the last spot, the clouds passed, winds laid down and the bay become a sheet of glass. The tails began to surface.


Every little while, another string of clouds would come by, and the wind would kick up to about 10mph, and the fish would hide out. But once the wind died back down, the tails would rise again.


This one was spotless.


Taking turns, from fish to fish for the next few hours.


We would pole around for 15 minutes of slight wind gusts and no visibility until the clouds parted. Then we'd spot the fish a few hundred yards down, and make our way toward them.


This one was rather dark in color.


Finally, we got chased to the marina by rain and high winds, so we made our way back to civilization. The two hour drive is sometimes brutal, but just being in Florida Bay makes it all worth it. I'll take it.

It's a long road to the park entrance.....

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    Here's a report from Sunday, too...

    Finally, after weeks of excessive winds, the weather man said we'd have great conditions. It was calling for two to five knots. I knew it would be too good to be true, but figured I'd settle for 10 to 15 knots, since all we seem to have had the past month and a half is 15 to 30 knot winds.

    The morning began with a bunch of shots at fish, but every single one refused. That seemed to be the theme for the day. Refusal after refusal, but we kept at it. We figured the full moon the night before had the fish full from feeding all night long.

    As the sun was setting, we poled our way to the channel to jump on plane and head home with our tail between our legs, but I spotted a redfish tailing aggressively. We poled across the channel to the flat on the other side and made our way to the fish. I made the cast on him and It blew up on the fly, but I couldn't stick him. Two fish later, finally got one in the skiff. The bite was on, tailers going ape **** all around us.


    Fish were everywhere, so we decided to stick around longer. It was a cool sight casting at tails in the moon light. Warren hooked up a few times, but had a tough time getting a good strip set, since he couldn't see the eat.


    After a few lost fish, Dan managed to get the hook to finally stick into one long enough to get him to the boat.


    Sunset photos by Dan Decibel

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    sounds like a great day! congrats
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    I love seeing that grass down in Flamingo!! One day.....
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    Sick fish and pictures, thanks!!!
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    Those are some really good pictures
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    I love it when you post stuff!! Those pictures are awesome, thank you.
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    tight work and great pics!
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    Nice report and great pic's! What type of fly were you using?
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    Incredible photography! And beautiful catch!
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    Super great shots! Thanks for sharing. I miss that place!
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