Where to find Rod guide replacements

I got my dad a Shimano Trevala rod last year and he's had the misfortune to break one of the guides and crack another.
He is located in Jamaica, so I cannot get the rod exchanged under warranty thus we're trying to fix it, which seems reasonable as the rod [blank] itself is undamaged.

Where can I get replacements for the rod guides which look like a single foot with ceramic ring insert?
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    Awesome, thanks!
    I might buy some stuff here for myself too. I'd love to try making my own jigging rod... when I have some more disposable income.
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    This looks to be the right part for fixing Shimano Trevala (spinning) guides in case anyone comes across this thread:
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    According to a quick search, I see they use either Hardloy or Alconite for the rings on those. If the rings are gray, they are Hardloy. Alconite is black and shiny. So the CYLG or the CYAG should match if the frames are chrome.
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    And if you want to stay local there are several shops in Broward that build and repair every kind of rod there is.... My favorite is LMR Custom Tackle in Ft. Lauderdale. They have rod components and very skilled guys that can help you get what you need (and may even have that particular rod in stock to be able to verify that you're buying the right type and size guides needed).... Good luck.
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    Just got my order from Mudhole yesterday.
    Looking through their catalog and this subforum now I want to try my hand at building a custom rod!
    Bob I might take a look at LMR custom tackle, it would be nice to be able to see some custom rods and the components themselves in person to see if I'm crazy to want to try this hobby.
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