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SLI 2/24/13

Been a spectator on the forum for a while, but thought I would make a late post. Left SLI at 6:30 Sunday to do some trolling with my soon to be father and brother in law. We headed south out the inlet, and caught a 15lb wahoo on mono rigged ballyhoo at 7:30 in 90 ft. After that my father in law made me aware that he brought bananas with him, and laughing knowing how I feel about having them on my boat.We were headed for push button after that and found scattered weeds and birds in 170ft doubled up with two schoolies at 10. Around 11:30 we saw a fish going after the short line, and we are sure its a sail behind the bait. We drop it back to him, and it ended up being a 20lb bull. Called it a day after that, and back at the dock at 1230. I don't think I can believe the banana superstition anymore haha.


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