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Considering an end of the season lobster trip - need advice

My buddy and I make it down for lobster season each september. We are thinking about trying a late season trip towards the end of March, but we have no idea if there are any lobsters still around. We usually lobster in the bay near Marathon in 10-12 feet of water. I was hoping some of you could let us know whether they are too scarce to bother with in March. Also, we see a lot of stone crabs in september, would they still be around in March? Many thanks.


  • pinfisherpinfisher Posts: 317 Deckhand
    In the lower keys the lobster comms are pulling their traps out because it is slow
  • gruntkinggruntking Posts: 837 Officer
    We lobster bayside Marathon too. I was on our numbers last March and they were few and far between and none that we saw were keeper size. Plus the water was cold. Forward 5 months and those same holes were just loaded. I wouldn't plan a trip and count on lots of lobster. Just imo.
    Lots of nice Mangrove snapper though.
  • gatormonroegatormonroe Posts: 198 Deckhand
    Gruntking, were you finding those mangroves around the same holes that you lobster? I was thinking about getting in the water this weekend, but then I saw the weather report.
  • gruntkinggruntking Posts: 837 Officer
    Yes, we have been doing it for years. It's great way to bend a rod when the wind blows. These were caught in May on a little lobster ledge. A pole spear would be fun!
  • gatormonroegatormonroe Posts: 198 Deckhand
    Sweet. I've been hearing about catches like that in the Bay, but we've never been able to put it together. I was going to give it a shot with the weather this weekend, but my wife is sick so I have decided to drop the boat off and head back home. Hopefully we can give it a shot next weekend before the Seafood Festival. Thanks for the information.
  • Ilive2fishIlive2fish Posts: 303 Deckhand
    we went diving off of Key Largo last March just before end of season and found a few but out on ocean side in 50+ feet of water...yes the water is cold...we were using wet suits....plan to do it again this year if the weather allows....by the way, this year has been slow for us....good luck...
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