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    NRA Lifetime membership offer: $300

    Currently, there is an NRA telephone offer to become a NRA Life member for $300. Normally it’s $1,000. This membership offer ends on February 28. The phone number to call is 888-678-7894.

    I’ve been a member for decades but always for 1 -3 years at a time. Today I called and signed up for the $300 NRA Life membership. It took less than three minutes. This offer is good only using this phone number: 888-678-7894. Somewhat suspicious I called the NRA headquarters and confirmed that this is indeed a true offer.

    There is another deal currently going on too but is more complicated. You have to have a current “Life” member recommend you to become a Life member. Same cost but more complicated. The phone number above is much simple and “can only be done on the telephone”.

    I’m no gun zealot and in fact don’t support all of what the NRA advocates but I do strongly believe in my Second Amendment Rights. Just passing on.


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    Dumb question - what does being a member actually do? (Not starting debate - just curious)
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    Helps to pay for the attorneys that do their best to defend our 2nd amendment rights. The NRA has to give and take on critical issues and although I don't agree with much of the " giving in " that they have agreed to in the past.... I am glad they have protected many of our rights.

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    get on the website it does alot check out member perks

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    You're welcome. I signed on when it was $600.
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    Things are gonna get interesting. I think the Prez does not care about the second amendment.

    7 hours ago
    First on CNN: NRA charges Obama’s efforts will lead to gun confiscation
    Posted by
    CNN Political Director Mark Preston

    Washington (CNN) – The National Rifle Association will assert that President Barack Obama’s attempt to enact new gun control laws will result in the “confiscation” of people’s firearms in a new web video scheduled to run in five states and the District of Columbia.

    The video will go online around the time Obama begins delivering his State of the Union address, in which he is expected to mention his effort to reduce gun violence through legislative means.

    NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN that the organization based its warning on what he said is a Justice Department document, “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies,” that was written in January and given to the NRA.

    A Justice Department spokeswoman told CNN that she couldn’t immediately authenticate the document, but did confirm that Greg Ridgeway, whose name appears on it, is currently deputy director of the National Institute of Justice, which is the DOJ’s research arm.

    “This internal Justice Department memo says ‘an assault weapons ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence,’ ” NRA’s chief lobbyist Chris Cox says in the video that was provided to CNN before it aired online. “Unlikely, that is, unless it comes with something else. Obama’s experts say that a gun ban, like the one being debated right now in Congress, will not work without mandatory ‘gun buybacks and not exemptions.’ ”

    Cox continued, “Mandatory gun buybacks. That’s government confiscation of legal firearms owned by honest citizens.”

    Cox also said the report noted that gun registration would need to be part of the equation for universal background checks to be effective.

    “Requiring gun registration with the federal government, that’s an illegal abuse of privacy and freedom unprecedented in our history,” said Cox, who then urged people to call Congress and express opposition to new gun regulations.

    One of the NRA’s main talking points for opposing new gun regulations is that the federal government is attempting to take away citizens’ Second Amendment rights to own firearms.

    The NRA will spend about $100,000 in the next 24 hours to run the 1 minute and 40 second video on various news web sites in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, South Dakota, and D.C., Arulanandam said. Each of the five states has a Democratic senator seeking re-election in 2014.

    The emotional debate over enacting new gun regulations will hang heavy over the House chamber as gun rights advocates and victims of gun violence attend Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress.

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