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    Is that the cheapest place to buy parts? I cant get over how expensive guides are now days. It is nothing to build a rod and have $60-$70 bucks in guides. To me that is just ridiculous. I have put off an order from Mudhole for a month because every time I price out a set of guides I wanted it was $60 and it was hialoy not even SICs.
    And why is something as basic as shrink tubing such a rip off? Just because it has "X" pattern in it? They are just blistering people on shrink tubing.

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    Mudhole has an excellent selection and guys like Todd have expertise that's hard to beat. Having said that, their prices and shipping cost tend to be a bit higher. It's not terrible for a one or two rod builder, but if you are going to be doing more you'll want to shop around.

    Check out:

    I do almost all of my component online ordering from Utmost.

    For X Flock shrink tubing, check Acid Rod or even online auction.
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    You'll love that Phenix M1 Blank....

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