Engine flushing after impeller disingration

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    Engine flushing after impeller disingration

    Recently purchased a Scout boat with a 1996 70hp Evinrude. Appearently the previous owner had an impeller bust apart and instead of paying for the job to be done correctly, he just slapped a new impeller in and sold it. Yes everything worked when I bought it but I guess peices of the old impeller were still in the cooling jacket. So the motor overheated and I'm im the process of trying to clean things up. Question is how can I flush out and be relativly positive that all the small pieces are out of the motor???

    Thank you

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    Without taking apart the whole motor, you might try removing the thermostat and cover and the gearcase. Blow air or use a hose to back flush any pieces out the water tube.

    Be sure to use the factory complete kit and see if the tell-tale outlet fitting is on top of the cylinder block. There were several bulletins about overheating problems on those depending on model number.

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