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    Your rig is certainly not overkill, in fact, it is lighter than what I use. I typically use 5' of 400lb wire twisted to a swivel, and then a 25' section of 400lb mono as an abrasion leader. I use either 12/0 "J" hooks or 20/0 circles. I don't know where you are located, but I fish the St. Petersburg area mostly. My favorite beach for sharking is Indian Rocks, but any beach you can find a good drop off or is close to a pass is generally a good bet. Passe-a-grille is another good option for beach fishing. If you want to fish bridges/piers, the Skyway, Ft. Desoto, Bunces Pass, the St. Pete pier, Longboat pass, and Tierra Verde are good bets. Keep in mind the inland piers/bridges are mostly bull shark spots, with the tigers and hammers being more beachside. I'd recommend whatever your heaviest rig is, preferably a 9/0 or up, but I have still landed decent sharks on 4/0's and heavy spin tackle, just dount count on landing anything too big. Are you surf casting or using big conventionals?

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