Went out to scout for some tourney quality sheeps. Our trip to Nassasu was a bust three weeks ago so we didn't even bother with the sheeps until yesterday. We fished end of sisters creek and worked the structure all the way to Nassau sound. We found the big ones in the deepest part of the bridge. Yesterday was the day we lost more sheeps than we caught. Everytime a monster sheep was lost my heart sank! Ended the day with about 6 of 'em all from 7 to 8 pounds and a couple of keeper sea bass. The fish were caught on fiddlers.

This time last year the sheeps were in the river in large numbers that even a 5 year old girl with a barbie pole can look like a great sheepherder but we are yet to see large numbers of 'em on a consistent basis this year. Hopefully the whole season won't be disappointing!

Here are some pictures!