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    Sick from work :wink

    1/2913 Well thats what they think LMOF. Took the day off and the wife and I got a little fishing time in. Had to go out to Whiteshell to get shrimp cause browns was out. Set in at Clatboard and headed back to the creeks. Was high tide and starting to move out. Was getting nothing in all my spots WTH. So the wife wanted to try a spot she watched a guy fish when I was having boat troubles a few weeks ago, so why not. Moved in and whammmm got a trout. Then it was on, between the wife and I we cought 14 fish in total 4 trout one blue and 10 reds. This was a spot I would've never fished. Oh and these were caught with in 30 minutes. Goes to show ya the least likely spot to look at was the best spot of the month. Didn't get pics this time but the reds were between 14 and 22 inches, GOOD EATS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    CAN WE GO FISHING YET???????????

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    Use to have spot like that up north. It was downstream of a papermill and every day at shift change (4-4:30 ) the water cleared and there was non stop walleye catching. great fun

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