Looking for bait
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    Looking for bait

    I'm looking for schools of bait in shollow water.
    I have the 898c SI, what settings are best for
    picking out bait sized fish in 10 to 30 foot of water?

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    I dont think you'll need to adjust any settings per say.. you just need to know what to look for on the screen...if they are dense enough they'll be pretty evident. However, how well they show up may depend on what type of bottom you are over.. a bright bottom return on the SI may wash them out making them difficult to see. Heres a screen shot showing some threadfin schools. All the lighter color blurry areas on the SI screen are schools of them. As you can see most of the schools on the left side over the bottom are bright and pretty evident as they are localized and grouped tightly together.. if you look on the right side there is a large school that is not as dense therefore is a little harder to make out.. the uninitated might assume this marking as feature of the bottom, but if you look close you can see striations and lines of the marking which is a dead giveaway as they are created because the threadfins are moving.
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