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    All nice rods n reels. What Stellar Lite do you have paired with the 3kFJ?

    My long awaited go to setup for Tampa Bay is the 3kCi4 and a freshly purchased Seagis, 7'6", 6-14#, ML rod. It is by far the nicest setup I've ever used, but I believe in the past you haven't had the best experience with the Seagis. Previously I had a Tsunami Airwave M, 8-17, which is a great rod for around $100, but I preferred the thinner grip on the Seagis as I felt I had a better sense of what's happening on the other end of my line.

    I had it on a 6-14. nice set up, matched perfect, till the tip snapped. just put the 3k on a 7'2 M crucial, really liking that set up too. these crucial rods are really sweet.

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    I didnt end up getting the Stradic :/ Instead I found one of the old model Cabo 40's for 100 bucks! Im hoping this can be my new all around reel... Thinking about putting it with a Pro Green or Greenwater 7'9-7'10 or so... Maybe ill check out the Shimano Crucial or Teramar... What would you guys suggest? I dont know many of the other brands... so im open to anything!

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