Anyone Selling A Recurve Bow?
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    Anyone Selling A Recurve Bow?

    I'm interested in buying a Recurve Bow and wondered if anyone on the forum was selling one for a decent price? I found some craigslist ads but nothing great. Mostly overpriced old bows. I do not mind the bow being old but the price should be reflective. Thanks for any feedback.

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    For a new reasonably priced bow try Lancaster Archery supply (online), they have all classes and types, and a knowledgable staff to help with any questions.

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    I have a Bear super kodiak that i have been contemplating selling. Its like brand new and i thinik it is a 1984 model that hardly ever been shot. I bought this bow years ago and just do not have the time to shoot it. This one was made in Gainesville. I also have a nice hard case and and string to decock it with. Was thinking 250 for everything, let me know if you are interested and maybe we can deal. Thanks

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