Attachment 69371Launched off morningside after waiting for the gards to open the gate 30min late. When I finally get on the water, I see pods of mullet getting hammered by something big. I cast a sud-surface lure to see if I get hit but nothing, so after the third cast I switch to a zara spook... by this time whatever is chasing bait splits into 3-4 groups and hit the bait hard, by this time I worry these may be dolphins. Next thing I know a wake comes towards me so I cast and walk my dog in front of it and bam!!! I get hit hard.

I'm on a trout set-up so within 10seconds I see my reel is going to be out of line soon with 100 yards out already, fortunatly I got the pedals to help out so I start chasing it. A minute later I'm able to work the drag and finish the fight on a sleigh ride. At this time I still don't know what I have, I know it's not a tarpon so I'm thinking shark.

A few minutes later I get closer and see the jack at the end of my line, along with a school surrounding it of another 12-15 jacks of the same size. A while later the fight ends, a fellow kayaker helps me land the beast and snap a few pics before releasing it (instead of chasing the school himself, kudos).

Measured 34" long but couldn't get weight on it, probably about 20lbs?

Rest of the day was slow but there's nothing more thrilling than sight-casting and getting hit on topwater by a big fish on light tackle...