Bait feeder/ live liner/ bait teaser spinning reels which has the loudest clicker

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    Bait feeder/ live liner/ bait teaser spinning reels which has the loudest clicker

    There are a half dozen manufacturers of these now. I like the spinning reels for my clients as they are easier to manage. The clicker function is so nice but way too soft a sound.

    I would love one of these live liner, or bait feeder reels that had a clicker like a conventional reel. When the bait is hit I wanna hear the clicker singing.

    Those I have used Okuma and the Shimano Thunnus have clickers that are so soft that you really have to be paying attention to know they are active.

    I'm kind of surprised that this louder clicker does not seem more obvious to the manufactures. What's really the point of the bait being taken and no sound to alert you? The concept falls just that much short of perfect!

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    That's why you don't fish with people who talk to much

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    Good luck with that.

    I've had several Shammy baitrunners (3500, 4500, 6500) and a Penn Slammy liveliner (4600) and theyre all very quiet. I watch my rod tips as a habit. If I'm close enough, I watch the spool.

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    In my opinion, the live liner feature simply enables the angler to set the rod & reel down to free up both hands, while standing watch over it. It's not an alarm system for someone who wants to walk away and do something else.

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