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    That is absolutely beautiful! Would you be willing to the same work on a rod of mine? What would this cost me as well? I am super impressed!

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    If you'd like to give me a call, I'd be happy to chat with you about replacing the handle on your Scott. Modification would void any warranty though.

    Though I personally have not used the tennis handle wrap type material, I have several customers that do and like it. Does it need replacing after time due to salt exposure, suntan lotion, etc? I have used their rods and it has a nice feel to it. It is a good option.

    In regards to weight...I cored out the handle 5/8th of an inch and filled it with a high density, light weight foam. That dropped the weight by about 1/3rd from what a solid wood handle would have been. The current weight/feel is not noticeably heavy and has a nice "solid" feel to it. Next handle I'm going to try a 3/4 inch coring and drop the weight by about half.
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    My buddy wrapped his rod with the tennis handle tape, I didn't, however I bought a rod from him that had the stuff on it, It did give the rod a good feel. I don't know how long the stuff will last in saltwater.


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