So my cousin Chely and her boyfriend Josh flew down from WI to visit some family friends in Miami and made a trip up to hang out for a day and fish. I decided to hit the river up in Ft. Pierce to have a relaxed kicked back day and see what we could catch. We hit the bait shop at 7:20 and were told their shrimp order did not make it in yet, but would be there in 10 minutes. Glad I didnít plan on being there at 6:00 when they open.

We loaded up some shrimp and were on our way to the flats north of the power plant.

We hit away from shore, near shore, in between, and nada!!! I kept the newbies on the live shrimp and I worked top water Unfair mullet lure, DOA Shrimp, and a MirrOlure and nada!!! There were a number of kayaks and one wader further south, hope they did better than I did in the flats. I decided to make a big move and ran north to a little hole we have pulled some decent snapper out of in the past.

I set up and we pull in a small snapper or two and a few other throw backs.

About 30 minutes into it, I pulled the anchor and moved 15 feet closer to the channel marker, BAM that was the ticket!!! Sheepshead heaven!!!

Josh got the largest of the Sheepshead.

We ended with 5 keeper Sheepshead, one short, and a number of other throw backs for the day. All the Sheepshead hit live shrimp.

I had a poor one legged pelican that I felt sorry for hanging around as I cleaned the fish so I told him I would post a pic of him and make him famous. Well, maybe not E$ Little Bob famous

It wouldnít be a Shoeless report without some food porn.

Anyone give an ID on this guy???

BTW all pics were take with the new GoPro Hero 3 Silver. Iím getting used to recording video and editing, but will start to throw some video up soon. ENJOY!!!!