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    PENN Defiance

    I am looking to get an entry level conventional combo to break into the grouper/snapper game. I like the price point of this combo, and was just hoping for some feedback from anyone with experience using this.

    I plan to troll deep diving plugs in 30-40 feet of water ie... Mann Stretch 30's. I also will use it to bottom fish cut and live bait.
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    I'd go with the squall for that or the Avet mxl. The defiance doesn't handle the bottom too well and the drag won't be firm enough to handle trolling the plugs without steady slipping.

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    Look around for a 'like new/lightly used' Penn 113HN 'Baja Special' for ~$150-$175 & put it on a ~$75 Ugly Stick XH (Tiger Lite) Jigging Rod & you'll have a ~$250 Combo that will last (almost) forever & handle (almost) anything you'll ever hook...
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