I was lucky enough to have the day free last Friday. Weather was perfect with some light winds and clear skys. My intentions were to sight fish some mud flats on the -.8 tide around 10am.

A buddy and I put in at the Matlacha ramp with our kayaks and made a 2 mile trek to a spot, I hoped would have some tailing redfish.

Trying to approach the spot, we actually had to drag the kayaks across the mud for about 30 yards. We sure didn't have to worry about somebody in a boat blowing by us, at least for awhile.

Made it to the top of the hole and found fish pushing bait all over the place. Made 3 or 4 casts and it was game on with a nice over slot redfish.
We ended up picking up 6 more nice redfish, a pair of decent snook and a few trout to give us a slam.

Fishing this winter has been a little goofy with the hot weather. Patterns that would normally be happening in mid January aren't really working this year. But the fishing is still top notch when you find them.

I was fishing on the 2013 Hobie Pro Angler throwing the 6" Hogy Skinny and 5" swim baits. All fish were released to fight again.