Well with Christmas, New years and the BCS bowl game all mixed in a month span I have been stuck at work since late Dec... Watching the calendar days zip by with only my thought and memories of 2012 to hold me through the long days. I finally got a chance to hit the water and do what I know how to do best… disconnect and get some fishing in.
Here were i left off for 2012 my last trip...

Sight cast red on one of my now favoriate flys I tie.

Snook fishin has been picking up

Alex got Hulk Hand!!!

2013 started off with no fishing but a bunch of new Toys!

After careful debate I decided to get a new fly combo

2013 Home Opener First fish of the year!

shhh Don't say a word to anybody about this!

First Snook of 2013 and to top it off it was my first snook sight casted on fly!

Winds Pick up and made a trip with my buddies new boat on in the local water ways of Miami

local urdan art

local wild life

The Rare South Florida Komodo Dragon

2012 was a great year! Looking foward to 2013!