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    Dania 1/7

    I'm back!!!! Havnt posted in the forum in forever out of laziness lol went out this afternoon and the bite was fairly good. Got out deep n got 4 or 5 almacos n lost a sail... Then found a pod of toothy critters that cut off 4 of my jigs back to back , my luck all wahoo... We t in to a shallow wreck in 115' n as soon as I got there bamnnn my gog goes off. Screams out 300 yds of line on first run. After about 15 min get him in, jumbo king. Decide to call it a day and head in. On the way in a fat 31" cero Mac hits my last gog... Got back to the pier, take some pics n gave the king to an old man fishing with his 3 grand kids who havnt caught anything all day, u woulda thought they won the lottery lol, n kept the Mac for dinner... Nice afternoon on the water
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