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    Cool SI 01/06

    Headed out late on Sunday around10:30. Stopped at Wabasso Bait and loaded up on shrimp then launched from the causeway. We headed out to the inlet to see what was biting. I have never seen the water so clear before in the river. First time I saw bottom in the 4 years I have been fishing the area. We get to the inlet and decided to see if we could get out without any problems. The tide was incoming with a light breaze, the inlet was flat. We get just out side the inlet and go just south of the south jettie. We anchore up in about 12 feet of water with the rest of the fleet. Not much happening. We caught a few small grunts, a 5lb sheepshead, and the blues start to attack. the boys must have caught at least 20 blues before it got boring and we headed in. Weather was beautiful, fishing was fun.
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    Sounds like fun! Congrats.
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