Govt Cut report Saturday 01/12 Nice Cow

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    Govt Cut report Saturday 01/12 Nice Cow

    Headed out with Alfred and Joey early Saturday morning out of Watson Island. We were able to buy some bait before heading offshore and bought some Gogs, Threads, and a couple dozen really small pilchards. Got out of the cut around 7 am to some really snotty conditions.

    We caught a couple of kings on the deep rod and lost a sail that hit the long kite after about a five minute fight. We had a lot of action all morning with several cut offs.

    We set up for the last drift of the day at 220 off the double diamonds and Alfred caught this nice cow.

    As we got back to the dock, we saw this escalade completely submerged in the water at Watson island. He was trying to pull out a 20 foot pontoon boat.

    Alfred_01 12 bag.jpgAlfred_01 12 Fred.jpgAlfred_01 12 Phin.jpgAlfred_01 12 filet.jpg
    Alfred_01 12 Car.jpgAlfred_01 12 car1.jpgAlfred_01 12 Tow.jpg

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    Nice work on the fish. And good insurance job on the escalade

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