With the nice forecast, I had planned on going offshore but heard bite has been slow. Decided to save a little gas money and stay inshore. We arrived at our spot to find low tide and crystal clear water, which are not our favorite conditions. After castnetting for about 45 minutes we finally got some bait, it has definetely been scarce.

Got lines wet around 7:30am. Bite started right away with a double hookup of nice trout. Cody boats his first and then comes mine, a stout fish. After a few pics and revival, we set back up. Cody gets hooked up on a nice trout, which ended up going 28 inches! Made sure to get a good revival on her, and set back up. After 5 trout, we are wondering where the reds are. Finally, around 930, we find them. I think they like the water to warm up a little bit as the sun comes up this time of year. Today was definetely Cody's day as they were finding his bait sooner than mine! I got to practice as camera man haha. Oh well, fun trip on the Gheenoe.

5/6 Trout 20-28 inches
2/3 Redfish 25-27 inches

I normally release all my inshore catches, but Cody works for Citrus grillhouse and promised me a good recipe...Pan fried citrus soy redfish with buttersalted zucchini and cuban rice n beans. mmmMMMMmm