Broke into the new year on my Panga skiff and decided I'd try to get back on those Yankeetown reds I wrestled with last Friday in the canoe. The boy wanted to sleep in, so I was solo again. Launched at the end of SR40 for the first time too. Ramps aren't too bad out there and saves me the long run through the barge canal. Weather was a little weird at first.

Took me quite a while to wiggle through the hazards to get to were I left off last Friday. But after spooking two fish I spied this 24" dude holding nose to current. Luckily he eagerly ate the fly I tied last night.

Poled around the area for another 30 minutes or so without seeing anything. Decided to make my way around through I little maze of shoaling to get to a little muddy bay I saw some nice fish in Friday.

Once I got into the bay I spooked 3 fish right off. So I'm thinking this is good and bad. The fish are here again, but I might have spooked them all.
So I slowed my self way down and studied the water more carefully. I had gone probably 30-40yds and saw a really good fish slowly cruising ahead of me about 20' off the edge of the oysters.
All I could think was don't screw this up, you're only gonna get one shot. I made a good cast about 6' in front of him and let the fly settle and starting stripping slowly.
Instead of charging the fly he sort of glided over to it and just inhaled it. I set the hook and he just shook his head a few times and just sat there. So I gave the rod and line a few firm tugs and it was on.

About 20 minutes later, yee ha, happy new year! 35.5" and 18lbs on my Boga-Grip, pretty scrappy fight on a 6wt outfit.

Fished another two hours and spooked about 5 smaller fish and called it a day, a great day.

Here's the fly I used today...