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    It has been quite a while since I've posted here, I know this report isnt strictly kayak fishing but most of the fishing was done on the kayak. I figured I post up some of the trips of this Fall. I have been going out on the Kayak, Gheenoe, and Friends' Boat.
    It has been tough some days to fish with this Winter Pattern as we are getting days where the wind is blowing all day but if you get those 2 or 3 days of nice weather make them count. Some of my friends are recently getting into the Fly Fishing and I have been taking them on the Gheenoe to catch their first Red, Snook, and Tarpon on fly. It is awesome to see their faces as their Fly gets chomped by a Tailing Redfish or a Tarpon Come out blasting 3 feet out of the Water. Anyways I am going to keep it short since I posted way to many pics, Some of the Pics i have stollen from the Cameras of Eric Estrada (paint it black) and Chris Lewis. I hope you guys like the report and pics!!!! ENJOY!!

    First time I come to Flamingo and Seen Flamingos

    My Biggest red on Fly

    My First Sheepshead on Fly

    Ryan with his First Red on Fly

    Warren with his First Tarpon on Fly

    Warren with his First Snook on Fly

    Biggest Croc

    Kent with his First Red on Fly!

    Rich Invited me to join him fishing this day

    Alex and Me getting rocked by Manatees

    Can you Spot Waldo??
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