I took out Mike M. and his buddies Brett and Willie out for a half day NYE morning. The waters are 1-3 feet low in Miami-Dade, with canals and end plugs clearing very nicely after the county weed pulling a few weeks ago. We hit up a few spots and sited a few 3-4# peas right off the bat but they were very lethargic and not willing to play early in the am. The waters were a bit chilly still after the series of cold fronts that moved through combined with the low water levels. I decide to hit up the next spot on the "Urban Run n' Gun"...

As the sun rose and peeked in and out of the overcast skies throughout the day, fighting the winds, and dealing with all the chaotic traffic on the roads with the holidays, we make our first few casts at the next spot. I notice a Police cruiser pulling up to us. It was my buddy, Officer Wilson M. one of Sweetwater's finest. He begins to tell me about a spot not too far from where we're at. Before we know it, we have a Police escort to the next spot. S/O to Officer Wilson M. a fellow angler as well. Mike lands the ice breaker pea before I can get baits on the other lines. He lands a very solid 4-5# pea.

The bite came to a sudden halt as quickly as it began. We revived the pea and back to depths of the canal he went, slowly working his way to a run off pipe. I thank the officer and on to the next spot we went. Upon walking up to the lake, I see a another solid pea about the same size of the first one but he was very spookish and slowly faded away.

Just several yards down, total chaos with each angler hooked up and we managed a double. The waters were boiling with anger and these peas were definitely out for some blood. They crushed a few of our live baits and spat them out. Savages... leaving some baits looking like they were crushed by some deep fathom creature, eyes bulging and near lifeless. The rest of the baits were quickly gulped by several more peas.

We ended the day on artificial suspending slash baits and jerk baits. Landing several small largemouth bass and one decent 2#'er. Not a bad way to end the year, especially after crossing off another species on my bucket list a couple days before in Flamingo with David Whetstone. He put me on my first cobia at 35" on light tackle. Please see "South Fishing Report" on FS, titled: "Flamingo Redfish & Cobia 12/29/12"

Unfortunately, some pics were taken on high resolution and won't upload as the file is too large. So click on link to see the pics posted on my FB page. Good Times & Tight Lines is what its all about... Miami, FL. Come Down & Get SOME!
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