Havent posted an inshore report in a long time but here goes. We fished the incoming tide started off sight fishing in shallow and as the tide creeped in we started fan casting in the mullet schools in 1-2 ft of water with salt and pepper bottom. We were throwing the new slayer inc sst on 1/8 slayer inc predator jigheads and sebile floating stick shad. We caught 30 reds a dozen trout and 1 small snook in about 4 hours. Most reds were between 24"-27" with a few rats and oversized fish mixed in. My buddy adam that was with me hooked a 14"-15" trout while he was reeling it in 10-15 redfish attacked it and when in got to the boat the trout was dead pretty crazy stuff. Any rate the reds are chewing pretty good get out and catch em up ....here are a few pics from the trip.