12-20-12 Ft. Pierce Topwater Action

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    12-20-12 Ft. Pierce Topwater Action

    So the wife came to me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go fishing. I was thinking is this some kind of trap? She said that she wanted to take the canoe out so I thought why not?

    First went out to launch at bear point but because of the construction still going on out there the small amount of parking that they did leave us was jammed up with lots of people, so I decided to launch a little further down the river. We were out at around 2pm and it was almost a dead high tide. The wife put on some live shrimp under a cork and missed a decent snook (I witnessed it inhale the shrimp next to the boat) it wasnt long and she had two jacks in the boat, one probably close to 5 pounds. At this point I hadnt had a bite!

    We paddled up to some mangroves and I started pitching the shrimp underneath them. I got a small snook into the boat in no time.

    Then maybe around 4ish there was bait getting blown up on left and right. I couldnt see what was hitting them though and they werent taking anything I was throwing at them ( cal's, mirro's, you name it) I watched a slot sized snook clear out of the water after the bait. This is when it hit me I needed to put on a topwater. After tying on a spook jr. I had 2 ladyfish in the boat in no time. The sun started setting and the wife said she was getting bit up by the mosquitos so we started paddling back.

    Thats when I spotted a pack of glass minnows and decided why not throw the top water on top of em? As soon as I did, the water exploded. Drag started getting peeled off and I thought I was into a nice snook, sure enough when I got the fish closer it was a nice gator trout. He hit the spook so hard he broke one of the hooks! All in all turned out to be a great day!

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    Nice trout. It is nice when the wife wants to go even if she always out fishes me. Great report.

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    top water. that and a spoon, all you'll ever need. good trout.

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