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    I think this is a situation where a personal message would have been a little better than a public lesson trying to be taught. It is an easy and much better way to say something and avoid public bashing on both sides. This site it supposed to be fun, it is not supposed to be a salem witch hunt.... Come on you really looking into his glasses for his gf? Hahahaha you guys are too much.

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    Gentleman we appreciate all of the fishing reports and we'd like to encourage everyone to continue to post them and participate here on the Florida Sportsman forum.

    In the future if there's ever a question about a thread or post, I would encourage you to send the OP a private message and sometimes these questions can be answered and resolved quickly and privately.

    If there's ever a post or thread that you feel needs further attention please hit then report post link or send one of the moderators a private message.

    Thanks guys and tight lines!
    "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen."

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