Had a chance to get out and attempt some catching today. Met up with forum member Javier AKA Optimum7 at B&M this morning. Loaded up on Fiddlers along with various essentials and made our way to the boat launch. I noticed that we had a 40% chance of rain today but being the guy that has zero faith in weather prediction, i went along with our plan anyways. Got just shy of the base and we were greeted by big rollers and strong easterly wind. Things started looking awful right off the bat. We changed our course and headed for the Little Jetties. Not sure why but the Sheepshead were just not biting. We sat it out for a good hour or so and it appeared that the rough weather in the Inlet may have subsided. We dragged up and headed back out and the inlet was looking like glass(minus the points). Made for the southern point and went to work. The bite was there but very slow. To make matters worse, we were both turning various shades of green and needed to get the hell away from those rollers. We headed over to the north rocks and sat as close to the rocks as possible. The swells were much smaller there and we continued searching for the Sheepshead. Sensing an impending skunking, i went ahead and halved up a Blue Crab and put some lines out to maybe get a Red or Drum bite. The Sheep continued being elusive but luckily, i start hearing thumping noise coming from behind me and sure enough, the Crab rig is completely hunched over getting slammed! A few minutes later and i have a nice little 31" Red in the boat. Snapped a pic and tried for another one. By this time, the rain has really started coming down. We are drenched and freezing our stones off. Im getting my jacket back on and Javier is saying "Fish on, grab the rod"! I look over and we got another nice fish slamming the Crab rig. This time it's Javiers turn. A few minutes later and we have another hefty Red Fish in the boat. Wasn't long before we had enough of the conditions and went back in. We lasted till about noon. I can tell Javier is gonna be a fun guy to fish with. We had some terrible luck today but i think we will get back out there and try it again on Saturday.