Please take a moment on your next fishing trip to collect this information and email it to

What species did you catch on your fishing trip, and how many of each?
If known, please record the size, weight, and/or gender of each fish.

What was found in each fish’s stomach, if anything? Please be as specific as possible, but other animals or plants do not have to be identified to the species level.

Did anything found in the fishes’ stomachs seem manmade or of human origin (ex. plastic, chicken bones, etc.)?

Were there any floaters or Sargassum patches where any of these fish were caught? If so, please specify.

What was the general location you fished in (for example, 20 miles off Cedar Key)?

Please attach photos of each fish (they do not have to be individual shots of each fish) and their stomach contents, if any (make note of which fish the stomach contents came from!).

If you have any other information or evidence of foreign objects being ingested please post photos or info, or email it to

Thank you for your time.