it be's that way sometimes
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    it be's that way sometimes

    3 December 2012

    So they say: "90% of life is showing up." I often believe that is true. It doesn't matter how good a fisherman you are, or how well you cast or tie flies, you can't catch fish that aren't there, or aren't biting.

    I was drifting in a local bay and didn't get a single hook-up for 45 minutes. I wasn't discouraged, I like to cast, and it was some new water. I noticed some boils around, and more boils around ... and more boils around, ... and it went off.

    Over the next hour I probably caught 20 ladyfish, a redfish that broke off, and two big trout on 40 casts. What a hoot!

    It be's that way sometimes.

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    grace finds goodness in everything ...

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    Gotta Love those Fun days it's what keeps us coming back!

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