Action Packed Morning In Ft.Pierce! 12/1/12
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    Action Packed Morning In Ft.Pierce! 12/1/12

    We were really looking forward to getting a wading trip in with the new Unfair Lures so Chris, Dad, and myself hit the water this morning. Showed up to a glassy calm river and immediately got a nice trout on the Rip N Slash. We all caught a few jacks and ladyfish before I stuck a nice 20 inch trout! The wind starts to pick up and then I hook into a good fish! It's not jumping and feels pretty heavy. Pull it up beside me and up comes an absolute monster of a ladyfish. My personal best for sure. Now we go down a little further, battling the stiff 10mph east wind(we were on the west side). I'm hooked up again! This time with another just over slot trout. Not even 5 minutes later, Dad is hit right beside him! Fish on! Up comes a big trout! After some short runs, we land the Gator!! Dad's personal best wading trout caught on the Rip N Slash! Unfair Lures got a lot of attention today!
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