Sarasota Bay 02.14.13, Small window to fish
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    Sarasota Bay 02.14.13, Small window to fish

    With the front moving in and the weather turning cold and wet the fishing wasn't looking good. Still a buddy and I managed to get out for a few hours between the rain and big winds and found some fish. Day started out hot with some Snook around some docks. With Snook under our belt we moved to the flats looking for Reds and Trout to complete our slams. Fish were there, but not really chewing. I managed to get my slam while my buddy missed his by a Red. Trying to get one more we ended up staying about 20 minutes to long and the bay went from smooth to 2' to 3' waves on the way back to the ramp.

    All fish caught on soft plastics and stick shads worked slow.

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    Nice Fish! Its been windy and rough lately.

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    Nice fish! Great way to capitalize on a cold front!

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