Hey guys!

Went out for a few hours today with one of the mates that I work with to target some triple tail since he told me he has never caught or eaten one. So we left the dock around 12:30pm with a few dozen hand pick shrimp in search of some triple tail. Started running the crab pots and with in minutes we had our first tail in the box, only about a 16 incher but a good way to start the day. For the next half hour or so we probably caught 7-10 shorts between 12-15 inches and then I see the beast of triple tail hanging on a buoy. We throw the biggest shrimp we had on a circle hook, put it right in front of his nose and he sucked it down! Ended up fighting that fish for almost 15 min but we finaly got him in the boat and we put him on the scale to see what he weighed.......... 18 POUNDS!!!!!!
High fives all around and we were off for some more, about 20 minutes later I run across another monster, ended up catching him too and he weighed 11 Pounds. So with our cooler full of meat we head in to fillet our catch. Was great conditions out there, it was slick calm and sunny, we probably saw over 20 tails out there including the ones we caught.

Here are some pics, enjoy!

Captain Tim