Went out for a bit today to scout some new stuff, or water we hadnt tried since last year. Using spinner baits, jigged paddle tails, and finger mullet jigs, we found quite a bite nearly everywhere we went. We got on some real nice upper slot reds, quite a few trout and hooked about 30 flounder, catching multiple slams. The bite was on today!

The highlight of the day, for me, was when I suggested a new spot......

Last year, I learned to fish a new type of structure for flatties. Not your usual dock, bulkhead or jetties, but something else.... Without giving it away, I suggested it to Luis. He says, "No way we catch fish there. Ill bet you a dollar!"

And with that, it was on.

We motored over to the spot, and within a couple casts, I was dancing in abnoxious celebration about my crispy new dollar.

He says, "Lucky fish. No way we catch more."

We proceeded to wear them out after that, and since it was my new spot, I took the pleasure of naming it "Told ya so" LMAO!

Luis didnt seem to like my new spots name.

Anyhoo, Luis spanked me as usual, and caught most of the days fish.

(maybe like one more)

Id like to remind him, anyone who fishes as often as him should be able to spank a weekend warrior like myself, but enough of our usual banter, on with some pics. We lost an absolute beast at the boat, but the good news is its still out there for you guys! I lost my flounder pounder partner, so hit me up if ya want an outta practice flounder pounder on the boat, lol.

Luis started the morning with a stud red...

I followed suit-

And we got our flounder poundin on-

We only kept what would be ate fresh, so 10 fish became taco meat.

All in all, a gorgeous day on the water, the fish were biting, and the beer was cold. Im about to stuff another flounder taco, I love fish tacos! There obviously here guys, so go get em. And as always, tight lines my friends!