Custom Rod Builders - Reccomendations
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    Custom Rod Builders - Reccomendations

    Looking to get the girlfriend her own rod. She asked during the last trip if she could get a pink rod. I haven't seen any in stores that I liked so I am looking to see what the custom rod builders on here can do.

    What I'm looking for:
    6-7' spinning rod
    Medium action - will serve multiple uses - inshore, surf, under bridges, pitch rod offshore. I like light tackle for big fish.
    Planning on putting a 450 or 550 Penn SS on it.

    She requested pink camo.
    I would like to incorporate the cancer ribbon on it (she has beaten cancer already and she is only 26).
    Maybe incorporate her big fake tit implants into the graphics as well.

    I know there are some rod builders on here. Would appreciate your input on what you can do or if you know anyone that is up for the task please let me know.


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    If you decide to not go custom camo, Finest Kind in Stuart has/had pink spinning rods made on Blackfin blanks.

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    if your wanting pink camo. i thought they had pink camo blanks but i guess just normal camo but they have pink camo reel seats and grips.

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    boomerang rods in west palm beach will do whatever you ask! They have treated me well!

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