PC Offshore Saturday 3 Nov
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    PC Offshore Saturday 3 Nov

    Headed out at 7:30 on Saturday with expectations of flat seas. Wind was out of the NW at about 15. NOAA was a little off ... Started trolling at about 130' and caught a baracuda about 150. Kept heading out and found the edge of the steam at about 320'. Seas picked up to about 5-7 but got better as the day went on. Water was clear and blue on the east side. There was debri on the edge but it was pretty scattered and did not appear to be holding anything in particular. Action was steady and we caught a few more baracudas, 3 sharks (tripple header), and boated 5 phins (10-15 lbs). Lost 3 other phins . Seas layed down and we had a cumfortable ride in at about 2 pm. All in all a great day on the water!
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