sebastian inlet 12/10

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    sebastian inlet 12/10

    I launched my canoe at sebastian inlet state park and the tide was strong outgoing at 9:00am. Fished from the sand area before I paddled out and caught a jack and needlefish. Paddled out to the first set of markers and caught a huge lizard fish on a jig. Paddled near the campsites and the fishing pier finally got the anchor to hold and landed a nice 15" flounder. About an hour later got checked out by the FCW officer. Asked to see the flounder and life jacket - no problems. Tide starting changing around 3pm and landed two small flounders 11" and 11 3/4 didn't want to keep them being under the limit. Wind started picking up so paddled back and fished my remaing cut finger mullet with no luck. It was a fun trip and cleaned the flounder for dinner tomorrow. Gladly go again once I get the honey - do list done. A fisherman in another boat gave me some techniques on how to reel them in and the volunteer park ranger also gave me some tips thanks to both for making this a sucessful trip.

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    thanks for the report.

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    Sound like you had fun...

    But please be carefull with the inlet and the canoe.....It can all go bad quickly and it doesn't have to be your fault...alot of dingbats running around there that have no regard for other people.
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