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    East coast slam

    OK, Yesterday I fished with DuPont..and we "double slammed" on what is considered a "Traditional slam" of Trout,Red and snook. I wound up with 7 trout 3 Reds and a snook. Adam caught 2 Trout 4 Reds and a snook.
    I will say that the snook were really "snookettes" ..but they were snook.

    Today, My very first cast is a fish on...a real fighter and a 26 1/2" Red is in the boat. I normally don't keep anything but Flounder or Pomps except badly injured fish that won't survive or the odd fish here and there for my jig maker or computer tech guy (nephew). I move to my next spot and have a few short hits...then a hard thump..but no real fight as it comes straight to me...and then...Holy smokes! This fish goes ballistic and in the early light I see what I would consider a "Mat".... In the net it goes.
    Now, with these two fish in the well I think back about reading the FWC having its program to get a certificate for a East coast slam...but they consider a slam a Trout a Red and..a Flounder.
    Well, since I'm already 2/3rds the way...I start looking for a legal size Trout. Now this should be no real big deal...but sometimes they are harder to find than you might think. Luckily, about 5 casts later a 17" is swimming in the livewell. I guess I'll put in for one of those nice certificates.....and eat some flounder.

    It was only 7:25 AM so I started looking around at a different spot and caught another trout about 16 inches.
    Decided to run to the inlet and look around hoping to find some bluefish to play with but all I got was jacks and ladys there and the water still looked poor. Headed in at 10:30.
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