2012 Flounder poundin' season...... and how to limit out!
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    2012 Flounder poundin' season...... and how to limit out!

    Sorry I havnt been able to report much this year, work has been crazy! Now that the season has slowed down though, its time to pick up on my fishing where I left off. Just in time for the flounder run! Many of you know how crazy I am for flounder fishing..... and soon sheepshead, and then schooling reds, and then spring cobia fishing, okay, you get the point, Im crazy about fishing period. Watching all of my friends get to fish way more than me this year has made me a very jealous man! But enough of that, time to get back on the water.

    Disclaimer: I am no "expert", just offering what little help I can.

    This years flounder run has been very confusing. Ive been trying to keep tabs on my friends since Ive been too busy, and the information they are giving me has been wierd. I finally got out on the water to see for myself on tuesday, and yup, things are not going as expected. First of all, the "thick" of the flounder, is still way up river. "Up river" to me, is downtown. A few friends have been stomping them hard up there, so we went into unfamiliar territory to check things out. We fished several places that looked fishy, you know, docks, rocky areas, coves, creek mouths, etc. and found some fish..... but heres were things get wierd. If downtown is "up" river, and mayport is "down" river, than you guys can figure out what I would mean by "mid" river. Last year "mid" river turned into the slaughter area for flounder, we were limiting out with stud fish every trip. From up river, we followed them through the mid section, then finally started wearing them out in mayport. This year, they seemed to have skipped mid river, at least so far, that is. The few spots mid river that we destroyed them in last year, dont seem to be holding any fish. However, we are already catching plentiful fish in mayport. Very strange IMO. So in short, they are being slayed right now up river, an example would be Luis, who is getting limits in an hour. We cant find a fish mid river, but have started to see numbers in mayport. I hope that helps your search.....

    As for baits, if you've been on this forum since last year, you know my affliction with spinner baits. I can catch more fish on spinner baits than 90% of folks with perfect finger mullet. Here is a post from last year that went over 13,000 views were we talked a lot about spinners, how to use them, etc.


    You can cover lots of ground fast with these spinner baits, and they are as deadly as a bait can be for flounder. Work your spinner back to the boat with a slow retrieve, bouncing it along the bottom back to you. You usually get hit as the bait falls back down. I choose white curly tail or paddletail grubs on the jig, but a finger mullet on that same spinner rig is the deadliest combo of all. Where there is one flounder, there is almost always more, so concentrate your efforts in the same spot several times before moving on, if you want to limit out. Another note is the hook set.... I set the hook immediatly when fishing spinners instead of waiting like I do with live mullet ff rigs. Dont be surprised when you catch flounder nearly as small as the rig its self, and you will catch em all the way up to the doormats.

    One of the better ones from tuesday-

    We did a bunch of exploring new spots on tuesday up river, and only ended with 10 fish. But if the plan works out, we are going to pound some known spots this weekend to get the freezer filled back up. Ill update very soon, and as always, feel free to ask any questions I may be able to help with! Untill then, tight lines my friends!
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