Peacock Paradise Continues...

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    Peacock Paradise Continues...

    Had the opportunity to take a repeat client and his son out for some peacocks this passed weekend...Skies were overcast, and rain occasionally came down, but we pushed through and managed some nice fish...The first two spots didn't produce very many, but nonetheless, fish were caught...Since the bite wasn't consistent, we headed to a lake system I've nicknamed The Falls...Within a single hour, Sehoon and his son tallied 23 peacocks and 6 LargeMouth bass...
    Here are a few pics from the day's Reel-Deal Adventure...




    A few days later I was heading out of town for 5 days but decided to squeeze in an hour of fishing for a client who recently moved down from the Panhandle...We've been trying to link up for weeks now but just couldn't seem to make the schedule work...Well needless to say, the wait was worth it...James managed 5 nice peas in about 30 minutes, including this double...


    After a 5 day hiatus, The Professor decided to hit a lake and do some "shopping" for peacocks...1st spot and not a single pea in sight...2nd spot(same lake) produced 2 small LMs but still no sight of peacocks...In need of some assistance, I headed to the 3rd fishable spot on this lake...Again, not even a single sighting, until KOMATSU showed himself...For those that aren't familiar with construction, a KOMATSU is a type of BULLDOZER...Enticed by my lure, he chased it down 4 or 5 times but refused to commit...Being only 5 minutes from home, I hopped in the car, drove home, grabbed the cast net, and loaded up on bait with one cast...Back to the wall I went...Livie after livie, I couldn't get KOMATSU to appear again until I dropped it in front of a hidden drain covered in weeds and lillys...Within 3 seconds of hitting the water, minnows scattered everywhere and drag began screaming...4 insane runs lead to 2 aerials and 1 attempt to get me in the pipes but I managed to avoid all disasters...Safely KOMATSU was landed after what seemed like 20 minutes...Weighed, photographed and released unharmed...

    KOMATSU...All 10 lbs of him...



    Another great week of fish with Reel-Deal Adventures here in Broward County...'Til next time, stay tuned RDA fans...

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    That is a freakin BEAST!!!!!!

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    definitely a beast! this isn't a bulldozer, this is a steamroller!! saw the pic on the facebook page
    There's no such thing as too much bait!

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    That's a sho nuff big 'un. Congrats.
    "You'll get your weather"

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    Woah! You sure are dialed in Reel-Deel!!! Isn't Komatsu a state record???

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    XXL for sure! Who is the Professor :o)

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