Back on my feet, This weather has been terrible and finally the winds dropped, The fish are there, but so are the predators and big Ajís . We left Key Largo and headed north. On Edwins yellowfin 36 we headed to the first intended spot in 60 feet, only to find very slow current crossed with a north wind, so we didn't even put a line out for the tails, we just headed deeper to find some bottom fish. We got to a spot marking a load of fish and I put out a flat line and placed it on the rod holder where it was going off all day every few minutes, as the guys were fishing on the bottom, they both would hook very nice bottom fish and on the way up the fish would get grabbed and taken straight to the bottom and cut off by a non stoppable monster fish, after loosing a few big fish here and catching 4 nice tails and a couple of kings and macks, that the monster allowed us to bring up, we moved on to another spot. With the current now running very slow and moving south, we were able to catch a keeper red grouper and a double digit king that screamed the drag with a few nice runs before it gave, up to be put in the coffin box, The guys also got their muscles worked as they took turns bringing up a big bull shark to later release it at boat side.We also witnessed at a distance more than a half dozen frigates feeding on flyers. We moved a few more times to only keep hooking big fish and getting them taken down and cut off. here are the pics.